The West Virginia Legislature will gavel in for its regular session on Jan. 10. It’s a time of possibility and promise — when elected officials have a chance to come together to make the state better and address its major challenges.

Sometimes this happens. But the session can also be a time of missed opportunities, political infighting, grandstanding – even abuses of power by special interests. 

We know sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Who do lawmakers ask for testimony on important bills that will affect your life? What are they saying behind closed doors? Which of the state’s challenges are given short shrift in favor of lawmakers’ pet projects? What are the friction points holding up important bills that would help people? 

We have a newsletter to help you make sense of it all. It’s called “Statehouse Spotlight,” and it is designed to give you several bite-sized bits of information: the most important things you need to know about what happened that day in the West Virginia Legislature. Like all of our reporting, it’s free, and will hit your inbox every Monday through Thursday evening during the legislative session. 

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