Andy and Haley Webb. Photo by Allen Siegler

ELKINS — Haley Webb needed to replace her driver’s license, but didn’t want to go alone. So, as per usual, the 24-year-old FedEx delivery driver roped in her brother Andy to run the errand with her.

“Usually, his payment is I take him to go get food,” Haley said as she and Andy sat in a Hardee’s parking lot, eating sausage egg biscuits in their car.

Although Haley and Andy live in the same house in Buckhannon, they said they were voting on very different issues this year. For Haley, a devout Christian who once trained to become a nurse, the crucial issue for her was electing candidates who would expand women’s rights to birth control, including abortions.

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“My belief in Jesus is probably a little different than people down the street,” Haley said. “He’s gonna love the lady shoving a needle in her arm and the lady getting an abortion…If I choose to get an abortion, that’s between me and my God.”

Andy is focused on candidates who could improve the economy amid rising inflation.

Both Webbs would like to see the government create more opportunities for felons after they’ve been released. It’s a personal issue for Andy: when he was 17 and living in Virginia, he was arrested and convicted of stealing cars. Now 30, he still struggles to find well-paying employment.

“My brother did his time, and now he’s having such a hard time,” Haley said. “All his things that happened was 15 years ago, and he still has such a hard time getting a job.”

“If they looked at the person as a whole, [they’d see] a hard worker, a good heart.”

The siblings are wary that any elected politicians will do exactly what they promised while campaigning. They continue to hold onto faith that some will make life better for their community.

“Hopefully who we vote in there will have an eye for the people,” Andy said. “Everybody, from all walks of life.”

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