Produced in collaboration with Back Pocket Media, Local Live(s) is a show that brings together journalists and community members for a night of entertainment and conversation by and for West Virginians.

Over the course of an hour-and-a-half on May 26, participants heard:

  • Live music from “Appalachian soul man” Aristotle Jones;
  • The story behind the story from Mountain State Spotlight reporter Lucas Manfield, who’s been a watchdog to one of the most important issues impacting West Virginians — stable internet.
  • Most of us know what it’s like to get an unexpected knock on the door from a salesman or a traveling missionary, but Charleston native Aryana Misaghi has been on the other side. She pulled back the curtain.
  • A conversation with West Virginia native and acclaimed podcast host Anna Sale about her new book, “Let’s Talk About Hard Things”.
  • A harrowing tale of journalism and coyote hunting by Mountain State Spotlight reporter Douglas Soule.
YouTube video

We’re planning more events in the coming months, and we’d love to see you there. Click here to sign up for our newsletter, so you’ll be sure to be in the loop.